Data & Analytics Software Selection

With the analytics industry changing at such a rapid pace, organizations are challenged to keep up with all the new technologies and knowing which BI tools and analytics platforms to utilize. That's what we can do for you : scan the market for complementary features and tools that support the idea of the data-driven organisation.

There are no bad choices in analytical tools

Like with cars these days… there is no bad choice to make. It is a matter of value for money. A matter of knowing your organisation and it’s needs, in order to choose a platform or a range of tools that covers best the use cases that you want to provide. There is one goal : serve as much employees as possible in the data-driven organisation.

With our proven approach we can scan and profile your organisation in order to plot the required use cases scenarios on the Epic canvas. From there we map out architecture and tooling to facilitate the outcome : all users aboard !

Our Technology Selection

Epic Analytics Technology Services

BI Tool Selection

We will help you cut through the noise from software vendors and review, select, and implement the best BI tools for your business needs. We can help you do it right the first time to save time and money.

Licensing & Implementation

Methodology based implementation of the defined analytics roadmap. Covering all technology aspects as well as organisational and cultural ones. When licensing is applicable, we can leverage our vendor relationships to get you a tailored and best priced proposal.

Enough small talk. Let's build something together.

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