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Data & analytics. It’s what we do.
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We’ll help you with the entire data and analytics lifecycle – from strategy to implementation – so you can make sense of your data and use it to solve complex business problems.

We design, develop, and deploy modern data and analytics solutions. We will help you sift through the noise in this crowded industry to identify the best action plan for not only the problem at hand, but for the growth of your entire organization.

Data Strategy

No rocket ship ever launched without a rock-solid game-plan. And neither does your data analytics project. You need to have a clear and realistic analytics strategy in place before you can achieve the results you wish for. Not sure where to start? Do not worry. We got you covered.

Goal Setting

What are your business goals and priorities, and how (frequently) do you measure and or report on them?


Design or review the data architecture layer in order to support every applicable use case and so data-activate as much employees as possible.

Methodology & Organisation

Can we install a data-driven methodology and what will be the organisational impact on this?


Our three-stage-plan will describe strategy, data- and analytics- layer in a schematic canvas, in order to evolve towards a possible data-driven roadmap.

Data Prep & Enrichment


Design and automate the batch intake of data out of different application/sources and feeding into the dropzone of the data platform (Extract-Transform-Load vs Extract-Load-Transform).

Data Enrichment

Adding external data for benchmarking purposes or to enrich the corporate data with extra attributes for reporting purposes.

Change Data Capture

Design and automate the real-time intake of data out of different application/sources and feeding into the dropzone of the data platform (event-driven).

Data Cleaning

Designing and automating data cleaning rules to intercept possible data errors, often accompanied by an exception report or logging to feed-back to the source system.

Data Architecture

Data Storage

On-premise, cloud-based or hybrid data platforms : eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost.

Cloud Data Migrations

Design or review the data architecture layer in order to support every applicable use case and so data-activate as much employees as possible.

Data Architecture

Implementing the defined data strategy on the world's best-known data platforms like Azure, AWS and Google.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Seamlessly modernize your data warehouse with AI and ML techniques with our migration framework.

Data & Analytics Technology

Software Evaluation

Guiding you through the complex landscape of data- and analytics- platforms and tools, reaching out to our specialist-partners for real-life feedback.


Business analytics is what we do. Using industry-templates and best practices we help you unlock the power of your most valuable assets: your data and your people.


Methodology based implementation of the defined analytics roadmap. Covering all technology aspects as well as organisational and cultural ones.


Our analytics academy has a lot to offer for every level of insights consumption : inspirationals, introductions and deep-dive topics and courses.

Data Analytics

Data Visualisation

+20yrs of best practices in order to increase adoption and direct interpretation of analytics, applied to every possible use-case : storytelling, self-service, guided dashboarding.

Self-Service Analytics

Design and creation of a self-service concept for business users. Data is centrally governed and provisioned via the data platform, but analytics are created and released by (key-)users throughout the community.

Guided Dashboards

Centrally provisioned, ready-to-use dashboards with lots of analytical controls to start analyzing the data any way you like, without loosing the global context.

Embedded Analytics

Installing analytics within the operational applications, websites and/or office tools like xls or mail. This boost value and productivity a lot by creating contextual insights around the processes and data the end user are working in all day.

Data Science

Data Science Readiness

Our readiness scan includes the strategic readiness side (business case) as well as the readiness of the data itself (volume, quality, integrity, completeness & composition) and the operational readiness (automated execution).

AI & Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) is that part of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that involves computers learning from data provided so that they carry out certain tasks. In practice, the machine develops its own algorithm, rather than having human programmers specify every needed step.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics contains a variety of statistical techniques, that analyze current and historical facts to make predictions about future events. That sounds though. We deliver it the democratized way, without any coding!


In order to make AI / ML work for you, it needs a (training-) model and algorithm. The translation of a business case into a (data science) model that delivers an accurate outcome is done by our DS specialists. Great stuff!

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